Winter Sensory Play – Multicolour Jewelled Jelly Cubes

Winter can be a dreary time, with darker mornings, early evenings and inclement weather in between. With the beautiful colours of autumn becoming a distant memory, we have found a fantastic, colourful sensory recipe for you to try, that is guaranteed to bring some bright colours to your play tray.

These colour jelly cubes are fabulously tactile and wonderfully slippy making them great fun for curious fingers.

Jewels of colour

We tried making several different colours and cut them in to large blocks. We also used ice cube trays to make smaller ones and even added some glitter to some for an extra visual winter sparkle.

Because of the translucency of them, they are great for colour mixing and matching and exploration of colours. They provide great fine motor skills opportunities. Just touching them can give an explosion of sensory stimulation and experimenting with how they feel to hold, move and stack can lead to different learning experiences.

Have fun!

Let the blocks be squished and squashed, pushed and pinched, prodded and poked, moved and stacked.

Set a challenge of stacking the different colours…who can stack their colour the highest before they all slip off? Get some spoons. Who can pick their chosen block up using only a spoon? Can they cut the blocks using a plastic knife? Can they stand a small plastic animal on top of a block without it slipping off? Or maybe the animal sinks in to the block. How about setting an object such as a small plastic figure, block or animal in the jelly block and then letting them find ways to free the item from the block.

It’s not often that grown ups give the go ahead to play with food so let them make the most of it and have fun. Besides I am fairly certain that the grown ups will be playing with food just much as the children will…..go on, you know you want to…..😃

Recipe – Multicolour Jelly Cubes

You will need:

Boiling water

Food colouring

Clear gelatin powder

Bowl for mixing

Baking paper/parchment

Containers or ice cube trays


  1. Put the gelatin powder in to a bowl
  2. Measure out ¾ of the indicated amount of water and add a drop of food colouring
  3. Pour in to the bowl with the gelatin and mix straight away to avoid the gelatin clumping up.
  4. Pour the mixture in to a container lined with the parchment or in to smaller ice cube trays.
  5. Put in fridge until set.
  6. When set, remove from fridge and either turn out from ice cube tray (you may need to loosen with a knife) or lift out of container using the parchment paper and cut in to large blocks.
  7. Make up several different colours for play.

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