We have loved working with Torbay Libraries

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How it started ….

Just under a year ago we had a meeting with Sam Grace from Torquay Library to discuss ‘popping-up’ with our equipment. This meeting was the start of a great collaboration between Sense Abilities and Torbay Libraries .

We were successful in obtaining funding from the Daytrippers Foundation to enable us to be able to put on sessions for children and young people with additional needs. Further funding was also sought from the Torbay Community Grant Scheme to expand these sessions to include any ability or age.

We did our first trial sensory session at the end of January 2019 and it was a huge success. So much so it was so busy we had to have a think on the way we did it. We split the sessions into two one hour slots with booking essential. This way we could manage the numbers attending and also see if we needed to make any adjustments.

We started popping up in the Paignton and Brixham Libraries too and overall it has been well attended throughout. Our sessions are free and non structured. This means a child can explore and play in their own time. There is no goal setting and it’s failure free. This in turn helps improve a child’s confidence as there is no right or wrong way in using the equipment.

Our Highlights

The best highlights for us have been observing families, children and individuals exploring in their own unique way. Watching a parent/carer bonding with their child whilst playing with the equipment. Listening to the support given by one parent/carer to another on the trials and tribulations of children and additional needs.

Watching children’s faces as they work out that pressing a button changes the colour on the Hurricane Tube or turning a block over changes it to blue is mesmerising. The look of awe and wonderment is amazing to see.

Thank you

We want to say a huge thank you to the Libraries in Torbay for giving us the opportunity to work with them, creating an accessible activity for any age or ability to enjoy. For allowing us to combat the stigma attached to sensory, that it’s benefits more than just children with additional needs.

Thank you to Sam Grace for such a lovely testimonial. It is great to read and further reinforces the love for what we do.

Most of all thank you to each and every one of you who have attended our sessions. You have helped shape the pop up service we deliver. We listen, observe and adapt to make sure it delivers the benefits it should to you the community.

Future Sessions

Unfortunately our funding has now come to an end but we will be applying again in the hope we can bring you more of these fabulous library sessions. Keep your eye out for news of these!

In the meantime to find out more about who we are and what we do visit our About Page.

To see more information about Torbay Libraries you can visit their website HERE.

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The end of one year and the start of another!

2019, what a year it was for Sense Abilities. It was full of highs and a couple of lows. Last year saw us receiving funding to put on free community sensory sessions which were a huge success.

Changes to our Company Objects

The Directors of Sense Abilities have recently met to discuss our Company Objects and as such we have proposed changes to these. We like to keep the community in which we operate involved as much as we can.