Sensory Story Telling on National Read a Book Day

Sensory story telling on National Read a Book Day

Sensory story telling is a wonderful use of your imagination and brings stories to life by stimulating the senses.


Today is National Read a Book Day. Why not grab your child’s favourite book and have a look at how you can create a sensory experience with it.

Just follow these simple steps …..

  • Choose a book that you know your child will enjoy
  • Pick out strong points or keywords in the book like the main character. Certain sounds like leaves rustling or water trickling. Certain actions performed with in the book like sleeping in a cave or going through a tunnel.
  • Look for props around your home that you can use along side these key points within the book. You’ll be surprised what you can use like cornflakes to create a crunching sound. A sheet over a couple of chairs to create a cave. If you’ve more time you can find a wide range of low-cost props in pound or charity shops.
  • Make noises stand out in the book, clapping, knocking on a table, stamping of feet, these are things your child can take part in to create a truly interactive sensory experience.
  • Imagination is a wonderful thing. Use it to think outside of the box when it comes to props and sounds. No water to hand? Then why not gently tap fingers on a table. This can replicate the sound of raindrops hitting a window. Or wiggle your fingers to show rain drops falling through the air.
  • Have fun creating your sensory story with your child, include them in the creation let them use their imaginations to help find props and come up with ideas of what can be used.

Creating a sensory story brings a book to life and creates social time for parent and child. Spending time together creating and reading the story is invaluable.

Be prepared to have lot’s of fun and enjoy that quality time.

Happy reading!!



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