Our New White Projector Hut

White Projection Hut

We’re always on the look out for items of equipment that can create a calming space for users.

We were lucky enough to come across this White Projector Hut.

It has great flexibility and can be used for a variety of things. For example a nice calming space, one that if used at the library can create a fantastic space to read in. In fact we will be bringing this along to Exeter Library with us on the 12th July for their quiet Time Session. You can find out more about that here.


We’ve paired it with bean bags and our Aura Projector. The lighting effects wheel slowly turns creating mesmerising shapes that sooth and calm. A great space for parents and children to sit and read together and feel like they can shut the world out for a while.

The White Projector Hut

Simple to use and easy to store it is the perfect addition to our pop-up sensory environments. You can sit within it or lie down. We can set up a projector to project mesmerising images onto the surface of the hut. It’s also perfect for hand held torches to create different atmospheres within the hut too. I have to say we are very much looking forward to experimenting with our new hut ans seeing what sensory magic we can create.

We’re very much looking forward to taking the Projector Hut on it’s first outing.

Don’t forget our pop up sensory environment with equipment is available to hire, you can get in touch with us about thisĀ here.

Join us on this exciting journey...

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