Our new Glow Roller Shakers

We have various items in our equipment range but these have to be by far our favourite so far.

These Glow Roller Shakers are a set of six metallic cylinders with illuminated contents, perfect for rolling, shaking, stacking, and turning.

The shakers light up when switched on and provide an interactive and engaging multi-sensory experience.

Best of all they are rechargeable and come with their very own docking station, making them perfect for our Pop-sensory environments.

Keep an eye out for them at one of the events we will be attending soon.


Join us on this exciting journey...

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We’re now part of the School of Social Entrepreneurs Fellowship

After successfully being accepted on to the SSE Plymouth Programme.

Paignton Festival Giving Ceremony

Paignton Festival Giving Ceremony

We were fortunate enough this year to have been awarded a cheque of £100.