Make & Bake

Sense Abilities working with Make & Bake, making sensory exploration a fun filled family activity.

Make & Bake

Make and Bake was born from a love of crafting and cooking with their children. Every parent should have the opportunity to spend time together creatively with their child. Not having to clear up the mess is just a bonus!

There are so many positives to be gained from taking part in their group, just some of these include;

Working as a team, both in your adult/child unit and the group as a whole. Strengthening social confidence and skills, such as turn taking.

Joint adult working also nurtures attachment which is so vital for growing children. This can be by helping support children in their social, emotional and cognitive development.

Baking is a great multi sensory experience, exploring texture, smell, sight and most deliciously, taste! It encourages questions, predictions and experiments from curious minds. It can provide a child with a huge sense of pride and accomplishment in baking and eating their  own product. Baking can help with self discipline, following instructions and learning vital cooking skills for use into adulthood.

Evidence shows that engaging children in food preparation increases their willingness and openness to trying new foods. Make & Bake aim to educate children about foods and healthy alternatives (with the occasional treat) to equip them with this knowledge from a young age.

Making creations again is a fantastic multi sensory experience, it’s trial and error, experiments and fun. Practising fine motor skills to enhance writing and manual dexterity. It’s creativity and flair. It’s self discovery in a safe environment. The pride gained in taking home your makes to display at home, perhaps even earning a space on the fridge is great to see. Children’s creative sparks just grow and grow.

Watching the joy in the faces of children who are engaged in a fun and fulfilling activity is the reason they created this group.

Taking home your Makes and Bakes is just the cherry on the top of a great experience.

Tying together both sides through a weekly changing theme based on a book, encourages reading and introduces different stories each week.

Sense Abilities is excited to be working in collaboration with Make & Bake to put together a joint event promoting not just the above but the benefits of sensory exploration. A mix of a good book, crafts and sensory equipment centred around a specific theme to create a fun filled family event. We are in the planning stages and will be announcing our first event in the new year. Do keep your eye out for updates.

In the meantime why not visit their website for more details HERE 

Or you can keep up to date with their latest classes through visiting their Facebook Page HERE

If you are an organisation or individual that would like to collaborate with us then contact us to discuss further via out CONTACT FORM or by emailing

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