Joining the Lloyd’s Bank School for Social Entrepreneurs

Lloyd's Bank School for Social Entrepreneurs
Written by Suzannah Jones, Managing Director of Sense Abilities

It doesn’t seem that long ago i put pen to paper and filled in the form to apply to the Lloyd’s Bank School for Social Entrepreneurs, but it’s now a year along and what an amazing year it has been so far.

Explaining about my idea for Sense Abilities was easy as it is something I’ve always been passionate about. The passion must have shone through, i was invited to the 2nd round and finally the panel pitch and interview stages.

I was totally in awe of some of the amazing ideas i came across when going through the process. It was certainly a big learning curve for me and took me right out of my comfort zone. But I believed in my idea and it turns out so did they. I got through and accepted on to the course and wow what a course it is!

Being inspired by the Lloyd’s Bank School for Social Entrepreneurs

Study day at Lloyd's basnk School for Social EntrepreneursDark tent set up






I’ve met some awe inspiring people along the way. To chat with like minded individuals that get as excited about your idea as you is certainly a confidence booster. The support, knowledge, and resources I’ve had access to on my Lloyd’s Bank School for Social Entrepreneurs journey has been 2nd to none. I can honestly say i think i have grown as a person alongside Sense Abilities.

There is still a little way to go, but the graduation in October is getting closer. I look back at where i started and how Sense Abilities has evolved just by being on the course, what a difference!

I now have the confidence to make Sense Abilities bigger and better and really excited about the future of running a not for profit organisation that benefits the communities of Torbay and surrounding areas. Making sensory accessible to all no matter what age or ability, breaking the barriers to accessing a good sensory environment.

To find out more about how Sense Abilities came about and what we do visit our ABOUT page.

Join us on this exciting journey...

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SSE Graduation video 2019

School For Social Entrepreneurs Graduation Video.

It seems like such a long time ago that i, Suzannah Jones, Graduated from the Lloyds Bank School For Social Entrepreneurs.

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