The Community is at the heart of what Sense abilities does. Social responsibility and inclusion are at the forefront of our service.

Our multi-sensory rooms are mobile. This makes our service truly accessible to all ages and abilities. As a mobile service, we are able to reach the more deprived areas of the Torbay community. We are also able to reach further afield and families/individuals who are more isolated and struggle to access a good sensory environment.

Sense Abilities is able to take sensory across Torbay. Introducing it to those in the community who otherwise wouldn’t get the opportunity.

Providing stimulating environments in this way can: 
  • Increase concentration and focus attention.
  • Develop or reactivate senses of hearing, sight, smell, touch, and taste.
  • Heighten awareness and improve alertness.
  • Improve coordination and motor development.
  • Promote cognitive development by increased brain function.

Sensory environments are such a valuable resource. The service that Sense Abilities provides is at the very forefront of social responsibility and inclusion. We work with organisations, groups, individuals and businesses to get inclusive sensory environments firmly out into the public domain.

Providing Sensory Pop Up’s at various locations in Torbay and the surrounding areas for the local community will;
  • Provide access to a sensory environment for all children and not just a select few.
  • Give families that special bonding time needed with their children
  • Enable parents and carers that important social time with each other
  • It would enable children and adults to benefit from the stimulation a sensory environment can provide.
  • Enable families who often feel isolated to come and join in an all-inclusive activity.
  • It will enable local venues to provide an inclusive activity or calm space for their users.

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Sensory News...

The end of one year and the start of another!

2019, what a year it was for Sense Abilities. It was full of highs and a couple of lows. Last year saw us receiving funding to put on free community sensory sessions which were a huge success.

Torquay Library Sensory Session

We have loved working with Torbay Libraries

Just under a year ago we had a meeting with Sam Grace from Torquay Library to discuss ‘popping-up’ with our equipment.

Changes to our Company Objects

The Directors of Sense Abilities have recently met to discuss our Company Objects and as such we have proposed changes to these. We like to keep the community in which we operate involved as much as we can.