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Exciting News about our new Sensory Hub!!

Posted By: on 29th July 2021

We are so excited to announce we have found a property for our new Sensory Hub and it’s not far from where we are based presently.

A Little Something for Mothers Day.

Posted By: on 9th March 2021

We wanted to share with you a few little sensory recipes for some lovely skin masks that you can whip up at home and have a little pamper time with.

Winter themed Sensory play – Snow! ❄

Posted By: on 13th January 2021

Ok, so who loves snow? Adults like it, as long as we don’t have to venture out to work or try and battle through it to get to a shop or even…

Winter Sensory Play – Multicolour Jewelled Jelly Cubes

Posted By: on 4th December 2020

We have found a fantastic, colourful sensory recipe for you to try, that is guaranteed to bring some bright colours to your play tray.

How Covid 19 helped us to evolve.

Posted By: on 8th November 2020

What a difference a virus makes. At the time of writing this we are in our 2nd national lockdown. It certainly has been a very strange and worrying year. As an organisation…

Exploring with Play Doh

Posted By: on 11th August 2020

So everybody loves play doh right? Children and adults love the feel of its squishy squashy texture and the endless possibilities for creative and imaginative play that it gives.

Guest Blog: Be one step ahead with Little Orchard Children

Posted By: on 27th July 2020

Imagine this… you’ve taken the first step to getting your little one some help with their Speech Sounds; you’ve made that referral to your local Speech & Language Therapy department. Now what?

Did someone say Ball Pool?

Posted By: on 21st July 2020

Children love ball pools. They love getting in, swishing their legs and arms, lying down and wriggling, covering up various limbs with the multicoloured plastic balls.

The fun you can have with Oobleck!

Posted By: on 18th June 2020

Oobleck what is it? Ok…so….I know that in virtually every blog about sensory play items so far, I have declared that it was my favourite play medium, but I have decided that…

Covid 19 and doing our bit in Lockdown.

Posted By: on 10th June 2020

In this time of challenging uncertainty it became apparent that Sense Abilities needed to do it’s bit. Supporting our local families with their sensory needs whilst in lockdown.

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