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Sensory Rain Play Ideas

Posted By: on 12th May 2021

Whilst playing outside is preferred by some when the sun is shining and the weather is warm, the sensory benefits when the heavens open can be equally as enjoyable. Here are few…

World Book Day 2021

Posted By: on 4th March 2021

As World Book Day is going to be a little different this year, we thought we would give you a few sensory ideas to help celebrate the amazing interactive moments that books and stories can provide.

Puffy Paint

Posted By: on 12th February 2021

So, I have had endless fun this past week playing with different mediums for painting and I’ve come across one that I absolutely love and I’m sure that you, ahem, I mean…

Winter sensory play- Dirt

Posted By: on 11th December 2020

Winter is a tough time for children that love the outdoors. Some of us grown ups prefer to be snuggled up indoors. Watching the winter weather unfold through the safe distance of…

Winter Sensory Play – Multicolour Jewelled Jelly Cubes

Posted By: on 4th December 2020

We have found a fantastic, colourful sensory recipe for you to try, that is guaranteed to bring some bright colours to your play tray.

Sensory Play with Rice & Lentils

Posted By: on 3rd June 2020

Of all the mediums for sensory play, rice, lentils, pasta and other dried pulses you have in your cupboard happens to be my favourite.

Sensory Play with Zip Lock Bags

Posted By: on 13th May 2020

Today I thought I would talk about the absolute gems that are zip lock bags. Those unassuming pieces of equipment that you might have tucked away.

Our First Sensory Play Blog

Posted By: on 26th April 2020

The first in our series of Sensory play blogs.

Some tips and ideas to get your sensory creative juices flowing whilst we’re all on lock down.
Try it yourself.