Guest Blog: Tips for creating a calming sensory bedroom for your child.

Nick Acaster, Managing Director from Rugs Direct, explains how to design an autism-friendly bedroom for your little one.

Exploring with Play Doh

So everybody loves play doh right? Children and adults love the feel of its squishy squashy texture and the endless possibilities for creative and imaginative play that it gives.

Guest Blog: Be one step ahead with Little Orchard Children

Imagine this… you’ve taken the first step to getting your little one some help with their Speech Sounds; you’ve made that referral to your local Speech & Language Therapy department. Now what?

Did someone say Ball Pool?

Children love ball pools. They love getting in, swishing their legs and arms, lying down and wriggling, covering up various limbs with the multicoloured plastic balls.

The fun you can have with Oobleck!

Oobleck what is it? Ok…so….I know that in virtually every blog about sensory play items so far, I have declared that it was my favourite play medium, but I have decided that…

Covid 19 and doing our bit in Lockdown.

In this time of challenging uncertainty it became apparent that Sense Abilities needed to do it’s bit. Supporting our local families with their sensory needs whilst in lockdown.

Can You guess? Week 6

Can you guess where Tin has been this week? Follow Tin the Monkey on his adventures where he will collect items in his Rucksack and have you guessing where he has been….

How retailers can make their stores more inclusive for children with autism

Rachel Clinkard, from Charles Clinkard, explains how the shoe retailer was able to make its stores more welcoming places for children on the autistic spectrum and shares her advice to retailers.

Sensory Play with Rice & Lentils

Of all the mediums for sensory play, rice, lentils, pasta and other dried pulses you have in your cupboard happens to be my favourite.

Sensory Play with Zip Lock Bags

Today I thought I would talk about the absolute gems that are zip lock bags. Those unassuming pieces of equipment that you might have tucked away.